Still from police video showing stopped vehicle about to be hit by traffic in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Screengrab

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police on Tuesday issued a safety advisory for motorists experiencing vehicle breakdowns on the road.

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Through a visual guide, police outlined the crucial steps to ensure personal safety and minimise traffic disruption. The steps were listed on their social media channels.

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Safety protocol

• Motorists are advised to steer their vehicle away from traffic and utilise designated emergency areas if available.

• In situations where moving the car is not possible, they should remain on the right shoulder of the road.

• It’s crucial for safety that individuals avoid staying inside or near the disabled vehicle on the road. They should also immediately activate their hazard lights to alert other drivers of their situation.

• To further ensure safety, setting up a reflective emergency triangle behind the vehicle at an adequate distance is recommended to give other drivers advance warning. In case of such emergencies, the public should promptly call 999 for assistance.