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Muslim prayer

When Muslims pray to God it isn’t just an act of worship. It is considered a purification of the heart. A physical, mental, and spiritual opportunity to communicate with God.

Today, over a billion Muslims in the world pray five times a day. In the morning, noon, afternoon, at sunset and at night. Praying has to be done while facing the Kaaba in Mecca. You usually stand, incline and prostrate before God, while reciting from the Quran.

Praying is a central pillar of Islamic belief. It is a way for you to remember and thank God for all the blessings he has provided you. Health, a home, family members, friends, food and comfortable life.

To many Muslims praying is seen as a form of nourishment. In the same way, our body needs nourishment several times a day to be energetic and strong. Muslims use praying as a form of spiritual nourishment.

Before praying, Muslims have to physical purify with water. They wash their hands, arms, face and other extremities. This purification also acts as a way of washing your sins away. You wash your mouth if you said something you shouldn’t have, you wash your eyes if you saw something you shouldn’t have, your feet if you’ve walked towards a place you shouldn’t be in and so on.

The prayer is made up of ‘cycles’ called rakaat. Morning prayers, for example, are the shortest ones with only two rakaat, the sunset prayers are made up of three rakaat, while the noon, afternoon and evening prayers are made up of four rakaat.  Each cycle of prayer comprises of specific movements and recitations.

Prayer is the most regular activities in a Muslim’s life and one of the most important pillars. While we fast just one month of the year, we give Zakah once in the year, Hajj is only required once a lifetime, but praying is a regular act that has to be practised five times a day.

It adds discipline and structure to the day and also acts as the best form of meditation during the busy lives that we live.

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