Still from police video showing stopped vehicle about to be hit by traffic in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Screengrab

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Security Patrols Directorate has again appealed to drivers not to stop in the middle of the road for any reason and called on them to go to the nearest exit to ensure the safety of road users.

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In a social media post on Tuesday, the Directorate said that in the event of an inability to move the vehicle, motorists should immediately contact the Command and Control Centre 999 (Operations Room) to receive the necessary support to avoid accidents.

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Brigadier Mahmoud Yousef Al Balushi, Director of the Traffic and Security Patrols Directorate, called on drivers when vehicle breakdowns occur to stay away from the road and use places designated for emergencies, such as using the right shoulder of the road in cases of necessity, and using four-way warning signals.

He highlighted the importance of placing a reflective emergency triangle behind the broken down vehicle at a sufficient distance to alert drivers of other vehicles. Motorists should avoid sitting inside the broken down vehicle or standing on the road.

The director warned that lack of attention in this particular situation may cause traffic accidents that often lead to death and serious injuries, in addition to being subjected to legal accountability.