Excellent crowds closing hours Edufair 2024
Crowds pack the halls on the final day of Gulf News Edufair Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

An amazing day, a fantastic event! As the biggest edition of Gulf News Edufair comes to a close after three successful days, complete with panel discussions, fireside chats and presentations revolving around trends in the education sector, one thing is certain: Edufair has proven to be among the most anticipated events in the UAE education sector calendar.

From students and parents to academics, education analysts and stakeholders, the response is unanimous - Gulf News Edufair is a benchmark for regional education exhibitions, setting the bar for education-related events in the UAE and region.

Over 15 panel discussions and fireside chats, 30+ prestigious universities, 8,000+ visitors, all in just 3 days - the numbers say it all.

Kudos to all Gulf News Value Partners, shout-out to our Platinum Sponsor, Y-Axis, Banking Partner, HSBC, Knowledge Partner, ACCA and Financial Support Partner, Phoenix Financial Training, as well as Exhibitors, Students, Teachers, Visitors and our Venue Hosts, The H Hotel Dubai for making Gulf News Edufair such an amazing success story.

Here's looking forward to the next!

Excellent visitor turnout as parents, students continue to troop in during closing hours of Edufair

It's just an hour to closing but visitors continue to flock the halls at Gulf News Edufair. The turnkey exhibition is a massive success, and in more ways than one!

Visitors close of Edufair Viru
Visitors interact with exhibitors on day 3 of Gulf News Edufair Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Timing for Gulf News Edufair is perfect: RAK Medical & Health Sciences University

Day 3, final session on Lifelong Learning now on

It's all about continuous skill development if you are looking out for career growth and adapting to new world requirements and opportunity, say representatives from ACCA, Phoenix Financial Training and My Learning. At the final session, on the final day of Gulf News Edufair.

"Today’s students are much more aware and conscious of lifelong learning, which is about adapting and building the right skill set. While many parents still emphasize getting high grades, the availability of information has shifted the focus towards lifelong learning. It’s increasingly becoming embedded in the minds of the next generation," says Taher Kapasi, Head of Education ACCA, Eurasia and Middle East.

"From my experience as a student and now as a trainer, universities have significantly changed their approach to lifelong learning. Back in my day, you either attended university in person or studied online. Today, the concept of remote learning has evolved, with pre-recorded videos and platforms like LinkedIn offering courses that students can access anytime. For example, at Phoenix, we not only teach financial curriculum but also offer workshops on using spreadsheets, writing CVs, and other skills that enhance workplace readiness," says Mustufa Ali, Associate Lecturer, Phonenix Financial Training.

"Academics are important, but lifelong learning is a mindset that needs to be adopted across families, schools, universities, and organisations. Universities are not just looking for high grades but also at how students apply their academic knowledge practically. With AI and other technologies, it’s crucial to upskill continually. Universities are adapting to this need by fostering environments that encourage experiential learning," says Natasha Parikh, CEO/ Career Counselor, My Learning Curve.

Day 3 Edufair Session 3
Taher Kapasi, Head of Education ACCA, Eurasia and Middle East, Mustufa Ali, Associate Lecturer, Phonenix Financial Training and Natasha Parikh, CEO / Career Counselor, My Learning Curve participate in the Lifelong Learning session, the final event on the last day of Gulf News Edufair Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

2nd session on Professional Finance Qualification, now on at Edufair

"The benefits of a professional qualification include the flexibility to complete them at your own pace, global recognition, and the ability to apply concepts directly in the workplace. Moreover, you can work while studying, which is a significant advantage. Choosing the right qualification is crucial. For example, if you're more inclined towards accounting, ACCA might be the right choice. If you prefer financial management, you might opt for a qualification focused on that. Employability is another advantage. Professional qualifications are valued by top organisations, and employers often prefer candidates with these credentials," says Ahmed Khan, Lecturer, Phoenix Financial Training, at the second session at Gulf News Edufair, on the topic Professional Finance Qualification being a sensible career pathway for school leavers.

Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Emirati parent sees excellent scope to explore options in engineering, pilot training at Edufair

Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Emirati parent Mohammed Jassem, visiting Gulf News Edufair with his son, Abdullah Jassem, a Grade 10 student of Dubai International Private School, is excited with the options on offer at the turnkey education exhibition

Second session, Day 3, Edufair starts 3.30pm

A short presentation on the advantages of Professional Finance Qualification and how it qualifies as a sensible career pathway for school leavers, presented by Phoenix Financial Trading

Edufair Day 3 first panel discussion now in session 

Overseas education presents a positive push in terms of job prospects and professional growth, believe panelists representing Qadri International Educational Consultancy, Horizon Scholar, Student RoomStay and Gyanberry, during the first panel discussion on Career Impact, Day 3, Edufair.

Day 3 first session Career Impact Viru
Tejas Labhshetwar, Founder of Gyanberry , Zoya Siddiqui, Middle East Associate, StudentRoomStay, Dr. Muhammad Yousuf Qadri, CEO, Qadri International Educational Consultancy and Ruchi Shukla, Founder, Horizon Scholar during a panel discussion, Career Impact - How overseas education enhances job prospects and professional growth, on the final day of the sixth edition of Gulf News Edufair

Extensive higher education options delight students at Edufair

More than 1,000 courses and degrees on offer from Edufair exhibitors wow parents and students alike. READ MORE HERE

Students and parents interact with universities at Edufair to find out about courses and degrees Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/ Gulf News

Computer science, business studies, STEM courses are hot topics for students visiting Edufair

More students show interest in foundation courses: Curtin University

Day 3, first session on Career Impact starts 2.30pm

Panelists representing Qadri International Educational Consultancy, Horizon Scholar, Student RoomStay and Gyanberry to elaborate on how overseas education essentially enhances job prospects as well as professional growth overall.

Crowds pour in, it's chock-a-block on day 3 of Edufair!

Huge turnout on Day 3 with visitors packing the halls at Edufair

Huge turnout Edufair Day 3 Viru_resized
Visitors throng the halls on Day 3, the final day of Edufair, even as more students and parents queue up at the registration desk

There's something for everyone at Gulf News Edufair: Maitri Global Education

Delighted to be at Edufair 2024, says University of Birmingham

Visitors head in as Day 3 of Edufair gets off to a great start!

Visitors queue up as Day 3 of Edufair gets underway

Day 3 early hours visitors at booth Viru
It's just past 11am on a Sunday morning in Dubai, but eager parents and their children are already connecting with exhibitors at Edufair Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

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