Students and parents interact with universities at Edufair to find out about courses and degrees Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/ Gulf News

Visitors at the Edufair were thrilled to explore a wide array of higher education options under one roof. Both parents and students praised the exhibitors for their guidance.

The variety of courses and universities presented at Edufair was impressive, and the exhibitors provided clear directions, making it easier for students and families to understand the best educational paths.

Here’s what they told us:

Abdullah Khalfan

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My daughter sings in multiple languages and she is planning to pursue her higher studies in music. I am at Edufair to explore bachelor's programme in music for her. Exhibitors are very friendly and helpful and they shared plenty of details to plan my daughter's education. 

Jane Berezka, Finance professional

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I'm currently working in international finance and economy but I'm looking to make a career change to psychology. I graduated from Russia years ago and was uncertain about how to proceed with this transition. Edufair has been a great opportunity to explore my options and understand the requirements for a degree in psychology. I've interacted with several universities at Edufair and received positive feedback about my prospects. In just one hour, I've gained a clear direction on how to move forward with my career aspirations.

Samantha Emily Santos, working professional

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After completing my four-year bachelor’s degree in management and accountancy in the Philippines, I moved to Dubai a year ago. I am currently working in the field of accountancy. I am at Edufair to explore master’s degree options. I visited the booths of universities that have postgraduate accountancy programmes. Exhibitors are very helpful and explaining every aspect of the programme, from admissions to course content and flexible study hours for working professionals, in great details.

Darshan Devnani, Grade 12

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I am planning to study BBA, specialising in accounting and finance. I came here to find out about colleges that offer these courses. My discussions with universities were particularly helpful. I gained a wide perspective on their course structures and learned how to apply, as well as what scholarships I could qualify for based on my academic performance.

Prasad Bhonde, father of Soham Bhonde

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My son is currently in grade 12 and we're at Edufair a year early to explore options for my son, who's interested in pursuing a degree in accounts and finance in Dubai. We attended last year's Edufair and found it very informative, so we're back to gather more information. I've spoken to several universities and received valuable insights to help plan my son’s future. My son is currently enrolled in the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) under the Central Government of India. We were concerned about whether NIOS would be accepted as a qualification for admission, but we've received positive feedback from various colleges in Dubai confirming they do accept it, provided other criteria are met. This has been very encouraging for his future.

Khadija Begum Akbar, Grade 9, Pakistan Education Academy

Khadija Begum Akbar
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I am at Edufair to explore new universities and programmes. I aim to be a doctor and am looking for MBBS opportunities in the UAE. This event is a great opportunity for students to discover what’s on offer in the UAE and plan our future.

Rashid Maqbool, father of Mohammad Ammar

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My son is in grade 12 at The International School of Choueifat. He is interested in computer science and plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in the field. We intend to start his studies in Dubai or Sharjah, then he may transfer to the US, the UK, or Australia for a couple of years. That's the main idea we're considering and we are at Edufair to explore these options.

Jabeen Jaffer, mother of Sarfaraz 

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My son is in grade 10 at Indian High School Dubai and we are at Edufair to explore university and courses in the UAE, abroad as well as in India. My son wants to study physics, chemistry, biology and maths in grades 11 and 12 and we are here to find out about new courses and higher studies destinations. Edufair has plenty options for planning his education journey.