The air filters were hidden inside secret compartments within the luggage Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A female traveller from an African country has been caught at Dubai International Airport with 4.25kg of marijuana “hidden ingeniously” inside car air filters that were stashed in secret compartments of her luggage, Dubai Customs revealed on Sunday.

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Khaled Ahmed, Acting Director, Passenger Operations Department, Dubai Customs said the seizure demonstrates the coordination among various customs units and their swift response in apprehending anyone attempting to smuggle or traffic prohibited or hazardous materials.

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How she was caught

“During a routine shift, a Dubai Customs officer noticed a suspicious luggage from a flight arriving from an African country. The officer alerted customs officials at the inspection point near the departure gate, who intercepted the bag’s owner, leading to a manual inspection of the luggage and seizure of the narcotics,” Ahmed explained.

Her luggage underwent “meticulous inspection”, revealing the presence of hidden spaces in the luggage. After a “thorough examination”, the drug was uncovered. Subsequently, the traveller, along with the confiscated materials, was handed over to the Dubai Police General Directorate for Narcotics Control for legal action.