Farid Talal Al Gohary (left) and the two RTA employees, Fatima Bilal Mohammed and Khawla Ali Saleh, during a ceremony by Dubai Police to honour them Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Three individuals have been honoured for collaborating with Dubai Police, which contributed to enhancing safety and security in the community.

Colonel Rashid Mohammed Saleh Al Shehhi, Deputy Director of the Bur Dubai Police Station, recently honoured Fatima Bilal Mohammed and Khawla Ali Saleh from the Roads and Transport Authority, and Farid Talal Al Gohary.

Col Al Shehhi said the trio are an example to be followed in collaborating with the police, emphasising the importance of the cooperation between community members and the force to maintain the emirate’s safety and security.

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The three individuals expressed their gratitude for being honoured by the Dubai Police, saying it gave them a sense of pride and joy as well as an incentive to take part in ensuring the safety and security of the emirate.