Ali Mohammed Al Suwaidi, left, was honoured by Sharjah Police, after he informed authorities about men sleeping in a public area.

Sharjah: Police here arrested a number of residency law violators following a tip-off from a resident.

An Emirati man was honoured by Colonel Youssef bin Harmoul, Director of the Comprehensive Police Stations Department at Sharjah Police, for his sense of security, which helped police arrest a number of residency law violators in the country.

Ali Mohammed Al Suwaidi had seen a number of men sleeping in a public area and informed police about their situation.

Police checked the site and, after checking their status, found all of them were violators of UAE’s residency law.

Al Suwaidi said his action came as part of his duty to society. Al Suweidi expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by Sharjah Police in enhancing security and safety in the emirate.

Role model

“This comes in line with Sharjah Police’s keenness to have members of the public cooperate with security agencies. Al Suwaidi was honoured for his security sense, and he is considered to be a role model who can motivate others to contribute towards supporting the security agencies in ensuring the safety and security of society,” Sharjah Police said in a statement.

Col Bin Harmoul said Sharjah Police is keen to honour its collaborators from members of the community, to motivate people who contribute to supporting the security measures.

He called on everyone to follow Al Suwaidi’s example, and to be keen to communicate with the police in emergency cases via the number 999 and in non-emergency cases via the number 901.