A welcome home ceremony for returning pilgrims at Sharjah Airport Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai/Sharjah: As Emirati pilgrims began their return to the UAE after performing Hajj, airports in Dubai and Sharjah welcomed them in a unique and heartwarming way.

Upon their arrival at Dubai International Airport, the returning pilgrims were greeted with gifts, adding a special touch to their homecoming.

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A video circulating online shows trollies laden with gift boxes waiting for the pilgrims as they entered the arrival halls.

The gift boxes, adorned with the message ‘The UAE welcomes back pilgrims’, were a delightful surprise for the travellers.

Happiness was evident on the faces of the pilgrims as they received their gifts. Many were seen taking photos of the thoughtful gesture, capturing the memorable moment to share with family and friends.

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Also in a celebratory atmosphere, Sharjah Airport began receiving the first batches of pilgrims returning to the UAE after performing the Hajj rituals in Saudi Arabia.

The airport employees are working to assist the pilgrims in quickly completing their arrival procedures at the airport and enhancing their comfort.

Sharjah Airport staff welcomed the pilgrims warmly, expressing their safe arrival to the UAE by offering flowers and Arabian hospitality amidst an atmosphere of community solidarity. 

Sharjah Airport Authority (SAA), along with all its strategic partners, said it is striving to utilise its capabilities to achieve maximum efficiency and facilitate the arrival of pilgrims to the airport.

The pilgrims expressed their satisfaction with the warm welcome they received, in addition to the services and facilities provided to ensure their safety and ease their journey.