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The vet clinic at Al Ain Zoo Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Around 4,000 animals, including 172 species of birds and wild animals, are being monitored regularly by the veterinary team at Al Ain Zoo.

“The integrated veterinary system owned by the zoo saves a lot of time and effort by facilitating the steps of examining and treating animals according to the best practices over the world in wild animal’s field,” said Dr Arshad Haroon Toosy, manager Veterinary Services at Al Ain Zoo.

The veterinary clinic in the zoo has mobile x-ray, imaging machine, hand base machine for teeth, ultrasound endoscopy and special equipment for inhalation anesthetic.

There is also a center for veterinary examinations and specialised research, which is the only one of its kind specialising in wildlife in the UAE. The team also conducts periodic examinations of animals in terms of biochemistry, microbiology post-mortem and molecular biology.

There are also nurseries for newborn animals, including those born prematurely. Veterinarians likewise take responsibility in making arrangements for exchanging of animals between zoos.