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RTA says that motorists can expect smooth traffic flow on Al Khail Road after completion of road widening projects in areas. Image Credit: RTA

Dubai: Motorists can expect smooth traffic flow on Al Khail Road as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has completed a vital 1km of road widening works at two locations at Al Jaddaf and Business Bay.

The first location involved widening Al Khail Road over 600 metres at Al Jaddaf by adding a new lane to increase traffic flow towards Deira. The second location involved widening Al Khail Road at the entrance to Business Bay by adding a new 435-metre lane.

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Improvement projects

These road works are part of several improvements undertaken by the RTA to ease traffic flow and improve the efficiency of road infrastructure across the emirate.

This project aimed to serve users of Al Khail Road and inhabitants of nearby communities and development projects as well as visitors to commercial outlets along the road.

Hamad Al Shehhi, Director of Roads at RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency, said: “Al Khail Road is a vital traffic corridor in Dubai, witnessing a surge in vehicle movement. RTA is keen to add a new lane at Al Jaddaf, increasing the number of lanes to six and boosting the road’s capacity by about 2,000 vehicles per hour, which has reduced congestion by 25%.”

AL Khail road two-1715760266065
A view of Al Khail Road after road widening project Image Credit: RTA

“The expansion of Al Khail Road at the entrance to the Business Bay area will improve the flow of traffic entering the Business Bay area from Al Khail Road and enhance traffic safety in that sector in the direction of Abu Dhabi. Further improvements will be undertaken at several locations on Al Khail Road as part of Al Khail Road Improvement Project, which is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2024,” added Al Shehhi.