Dubai field teams are out on the roads to address the impact of the rains since early this morning. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Field teams from various Dubai authorities have been out in full swing to address the impact of heavy rains pounding the emirate in the wee hours of Thursday.

Dubai Media Office has shared images of employees of Dubai Municipality, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai Police working on the streets to minimise the impact of the adverse weather conditions.

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The authorities had already mobilied resources to effectively tackle the challenges posed by heavy rain on the city’s roads.

Late on Wednesday night, Dubai Media Office shared videos that showed the preparations in place by different authorities.

Authorities deployed several trucks to clear the anticipated waterlogging on the streets. They also took measures to cover and secure heaps of sand that had accumulated on the roadside after the deluge last month.

Measures were also taken to clear drainage systems, remove debris, and deploy water pumps to ensure that rainwater is drained efficiently, minimising the risk of flooding.

Dubai Municipality employees could be seen assessing the stability of trees along roadsides. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai Municipality employees could be seen assessing the stability of trees along roadsides and in public areas to prevent them from toppling over and causing damage to property or endangering lives.

Dubai Police officers are strategically positioned at key junctions to regulate traffic, divert vehicles away from flooded areas, and maintain order on the roads.

Dubai Police regulating traffic on train-hot roads. Image Credit: Supplied

Additionally, RTA’s traffic management centres are utilising advanced technology and real-time data to monitor traffic patterns, identify congestion hotspots, and implement alternative routes to alleviate traffic jams caused by rain.