Hatta Traffic systems Project
The infrastructure projects are in line with the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority's strategic plan to carry out a range of enhancements in vital locations across Dubai in 2024. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has finalised a series of traffic solutions in Hatta, Oud Al Muteena 1, and Al Sufouh 1.

The project is in line with RTA’s strategic plan to carry out a range of enhancements in vital locations across Dubai in 2024.

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These projects aimed are aimed improving the efficiency of the roads network, easing traffic movement, eliminating traffic jams, and elevating safety levels for all road users in the emirate.


“RTA is committed to advancing Dubai’s infrastructure in response to the direction of our leaders to stay abreast of the rapid urban expansion seen by Dubai,"  said Hussain Al Banna, CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA.

“RTA has therefore rolled out traffic solutions at key areas experiencing significant traffic to promote smooth vehicular flow and ensure the safety of all road users in compliance with the top standards.”

Hatta Phase II

RTA Hatta 1 v2-1711005188754

“The traffic improvements undertaken in Hatta are part of Phase II of development projects and initiatives in the region. RTA had completed the construction of Hatta Souq roundabout on the Dubai-Hatta Road, which reduced the travel time by 60 per cent. RTA had also completed a U-turn on the Dubai Hatta Road near Wadi Hub.”

“These works stem from RTA’s commitment to facilitate entry and exit for vehicles to tourist attractions and hotspots while enhancing traffic safety across Hatta region,” Al Banna added.

Oud Al Muteena 2

Traffic improvements in Oud Al Muteena 1 area had included expanding Street 31 from a single lane to dual lanes in both directions near the Emirates Cooperative Society along with providing side parking to serve shoppers.

These works would alleviate traffic congestion and increase the flow of vehicular movement by doubling the street’s capacity from 1,200 to 2,400 vehicles per hour.

Hussain Al Banna

“Additionally, these enhancements significantly elevate the level of traffic safety for those frequenting the area,” added Al Banna.

Al Sufouh 1

“RTA has developed a parking facility in Al Sufouh 1, comprising about 112 slots, alongside a roundabout to streamline the flow of vehicles around the Choueifat School on Hessa Street. This has streamlined the students drop off and pick up , ensuring the highest traffic safety standards,” stated Al Banna.

RTA is keen on undertaking traffic solutions as part of an integrated and regularly updated strategy. The selection of roads that require enhancement is made through an operational system based on 4 basic sources: traffic studies, traffic control centres, the public suggestion and complaint system, and the observations and field monitoring of roads by the RTA’s teams. The agency then focuses on cataloguing the necessary traffic solutions for congestion management and executing them on the ground.