The woman was going from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to her home country of Ethiopia via Dubai when she went into labour Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Police recently rushed to the assistance of an Ethiopian woman who went into labour while transiting through the Dubai International Airport, helping her deliver a baby.

Major General Ali Atiq Bin Lahej, director of the General Department of Airports Security at Dubai Police, said the Ethiopian woman was returning with three children to their homeland from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on an Emirates flight when she went into labour.

“The traveller was resting in the transit stop at Dubai International Airport when she went into throes of labour. Being with her three children, the woman panicked and became worried because no one with her to look after them and give her a hand,” he added.

‘Concerted efforts’

Maj Gen Bin Lahej pointed out that the ambulance team of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services at the airport rushed to quickly provide the necessary first aid to the traveller who went into labour and transferred her in record time.

“They communicated with the operation room to prepare the clinic to receive an emergency childbirth, where the traveller gave birth to her healthy new-born baby. This is a result of concerted efforts that reflect the work system’s professionalism and efficiency of the UAE’s health, security and safety systems.”

The director of added that the force’s employees at the airport intervened swiftly to handle the situation professionally and reassured the traveller that they would get her the necessary care.

“The Dubai Ambulance team managed to transfer the traveller to Latifa Women and Children Hospital, while the Dubai Police team, joined by an employee from Emirates Airlines, provided full care for the children and transferred them to the airport hotel”, Maj Gen Bin Lahej said.

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He directed a support and follow-up team to ensure coordination between all concerned parties at the airport and follow up on the children.

“We made sure a team regularly checks on the Ethiopian traveller in the hospital, provided her with in-kind gifts, facilitated the procedures of her departure back to her home country in cooperation with partners.”

Maj Gen bin Lahej extended his thanks to partners who joined Dubai Police in serving the Ethiopian traveller, including Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Dubai Health Authority and Emirates Airlines.