Peter Lawson (left) said once he realised he had lost the money in Dubai, he was confident he would get it back Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Police recently returned Dh70,000 to a passenger after he had lost the cash on his flight back home via Dubai International Airport (DXB).

The British passenger, Peter Lawson, did not panic despite the large sum of cash he had lost. He did the right thing and contacted the General Department of Airports Security and received a response within the hour that his bag was found and kept safe with authority at the Airport.

Major General Ali Ateeq Bin Lahej, Director of the General Department of Airports Security at Dubai Police, said that residents and visitors of Dubai trust the police and security forces to protect them and their possessions, confirming that Dubai Police has a competent cadre and utilises smart technologies to ensure and enhance the sense of safety and security among members of the public.

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Quick action

Maj Gen Bin Lahej said the officers spared neither effort nor time upon receiving the passenger’s report and managed to find his bag within an hour.

Lawson expressed his thanks to Dubai Police and DXB employees for returning his bag. He said that as a resident of the emirate, he was not at the least worried that he might lose his cash, experiencing on a daily basis the keenness that Dubai Police shows to ensure the safety of citizens, residents and visitors.

“Once I realised that I had lost the money in Dubai, I was confident that I’d get it back,” Lawson said.