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Dubai Police formed a team to search all the places visited by the tourist, to trace the lost diamond. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Police have returned a piece of diamond to a British tourist who had lost it in a taxi, an official said.

Colonel Dr Mubarak Saeed Bin Nawwas, director of Tourist Police Department in Dubai Police, said they found the precious stone within 48 hours after the woman who owned it reported the incident to the police.

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“The tourist lost the diamond in Dubai while she was visiting many places in the city. She couldn’t determine where exactly she had lost it and sought police help. Within 48 hours, police found the diamond and returned it to her as part of our strategy to bring happiness to tourists in the emirate,” Col Bin Nawwas said.

Dubai Police formed a team to search all the places visited by the tourist, but failed to locate the diamond. Police then summoned the taxi driver who had picked up the British tourist for the trip, but the driver claimed that he didn’t find anything in the vehicle.

“We identified a woman who had used the taxi after the tourist and contacted her. She said that she found the stone and took it without alerting the driver. She wasn’t aware that it was an expensive stone,” Col Bin Nawwas added. The woman then returned the diamond to Dubai Police who handed it over to the tourist.

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“Our main goal is to make sure all tourists visiting Dubai should have an unforgottable and safe visit to the city,” Col Bin Nawwas The British tourist praised Dubai Police for their effort in returning the precious stone to her.