A Dubai Police officer hands over the lost cash to its owner, Siegfried Tellbach - a traveller from Germany. Image Credit: Courtesy: Dubai Police

Dubai: Dubai Police returned €33,600 (Dh139,882) to a transit passenger who had lost the cash during his trip via Dubai International Airport. The passenger was thrilled when officers returned his money as he couldn’t even remember where or when he had lost it!

Brigadier Hamouda Belsuwaida Al Ameri, Acting Director of the General Department of Airports Security, said that Siegfried Tellbach, from Germany had travelled from his homeland through Dubai International Airport to Thailand for a short vacation. “After he reached his hotel in Thailand, he was shocked to realise that he had lost the bag containing a large amount of cash. He could not remember when or where he had lost the bag, as he had travelled via international airports in Dusseldorf, Dubai and Bangkok,” Brig. Al Ameri said.

‘Extremely happy’

On his flight back home via Dubai, Tellbach was approached by an officer from the Lost-and-Found Section at Dubai airport to confirm his identity and the cash was handed over to him. “He was extremely happy and didn’t believe that he would find the money back. He thanked Dubai Police for returning his bag,” Brig. Al Ameri added.

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Major Muhammad Khalifa Al Kamda, Head of the Lost-and-Found Section, said the bag was found at Dubai airport and police officials worked with Emirates airline to identify the traveller and track his travel path. “We waited for the traveller to return to Dubai International Airport and handed over the money to him. Until that moment, Tellbach didn’t know where he had lost his bag,” Major Al Kamda said in a statement.