Residents who return to the UAE may face a Dh50,000 fine for breaking quarantine rules. Image Credit: iStock

Dubai: Residents who return to the UAE are required to follow quarantine guidelines, or else face a hefty fine of Dh50,000.

Emirates, Etihad, AirArabia and flydubai intend to operate over 60 flight destinations by August 1, 2020 after the easing of flight restrictions on outbound and inbound travel to the UAE. However, all travellers are encouraged to check the rules of the country they are visiting to ensure whether or not they need to present a COVID-19 negative certificate upon arrival.

People aged 70 and over, or with chronic health conditions, are still advised to not travel.


“When returning to the UAE, follow the federal and local guidelines for COVID-19, you must download and activate the Al Hosn app, follow the UAE quarantine guidelines and test procedures, which vary depending on the destination that the traveller is coming from,” explained the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA).

The NCEMA regulations do not apply to Dubai, which has its own rules and regulations.

On the website of Abu Dhabi International Airport, it stated: “Arriving passengers from visa-free countries and those arriving from high-risk countries will be subject to advanced PCR testing at the airport. Following testing, passengers will be required to self-isolate for four days. After the four-day isolation period, passengers will be required to undertake a secondary PCR test to check for a COVID-19 infection. In addition to the tests, incoming passengers are required to self-quarantine for 14 days following their arrival in the UAE.”

The duration of home quarantine can vary from seven days for UAE residents arriving from low-risk countries, or 14 days for passengers arriving from high-risk countries.

“Residents will be directed to complete quarantine guidelines for a period of 14 days (either at home or in an institution if their homes are not adequate). All costs for quarantining and medical assistance, whether at home or in another designated facility will be at the cost of the individual primarily,” said NCEMA.

Dh50,000 fine

According to Resolution No.38 of 2020 on enforcement of penalties for violations following the Cabinet Resolution No.17 of 2020 to contain the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, it stipulates that a Dh50,000 fine will be issued for non-compliance with home quarantine instructions.

The quarantine rules applies to all inbound passengers, regardless if they have a negative COVID-19 certificate.

“In certain circumstances, the companies at which these returning individuals are employed shall need to bear all costs related to the medical examination and quarantine.

“All returning residents will also be required to download a certified app which will allow the resident to be monitored whilst in quarantine and to monitor their health status for the safety of society,” added the authority.

The Al Hosn app can be downloaded on Android and IOS devices and is free of cost. It is an official digital platform for COVID-19 tests in the UAE and the key to its success lies in its effective use by a large number of people.

The app also provides a service that shows the extent to which people in home quarantine adhere to the instructions and avoid contact with other people. This is all aimed at protecting the people in quarantine as well as the rest of the society, said a health ministry during the launch of the application.

Self quarantine guide for arrivals
Self quarantine guide for arrivals Image Credit: Supplied