Sijish P.S.
Sijish P.S. who met with an accident in Dubai has won a Dh3.1million compensation. He has been bedridden as he was paralysed after the crash. Image Credit:

Dubai: A compensation of Dh3.1 million has been awarded to an Indian expatriate, who is currently bedridden in his home state of Kerala, following a road accident in Dubai last year.

An Abu Dhabi Court upheld the compensation amount awarded to Sijish P.S. by the Insurance Disputes Resolution Committee of Dubai Courts. A request has been filed for executing the order, according to Sijish’s lawyers.

Speaking to Gulf News over the phone, the 42-year-old bachelor said he was all set to go home on vacation to arrange his long overdue wedding when he met with the accident. On May 18, 2020, Sijish, then a driver with a cargo company, was on his way back to Dubai after delivering a package in Al Ain when the accident took place. A luxury car reportedly veered off and hit the van driven by Sijish.

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Sijish said he was grateful to the court for awarding the compensation, which amounts to more than Rs62 million, and also to the lawyers who supported his cause.

How the accident took place

“I was on the slow track and driving below 80km/hour. I just remember the big bang. I don’t know anything that happened after that. When I regained consciousness I was in hospital,” he recalled. By then, a month had passed after Sijish was admitted to Rashid Hospital in Dubai. He was treated for critical injuries and underwent a spinal cord surgery as well.

On August 6, Sijish was flown home and was under treatment at Indo American Hospital in Vaikom in Kerala. He was hospitalised there till October 30. A medical report from the hospital stated that the patient had suffered a spinal cord fracture, ischemic PCA stroke and traumatic brain injury.

Sijish needs the help of two people to be shifted on a wheelchair-1627480583811
Sijish needs the help of two people to be shifted on a wheelchair.

His current status

Bedridden with extreme weakness and loss of bowel and bladder movement, Sijish can now only move the upper part of his body.

“I have no sensation below the chest. I can move my hands, but can’t hold anything because my fingers don’t bend. I need the help of at least two people to recline on the bed and to sit on the wheel chair,” he said. He continues to be on medication and physiotherapy.

Since his aged parents are unable to take care of him, Sijish said one of his two younger sisters now lives with them. His sister Soumya said her husband helps Sijish whenever he needs to use the washroom.

Being the breadwinner of the family, Sijish said he had postponed his plans to get married due to the financial liabilities that he had to shoulder. His sister said they were unable to pay for the physiotherapist’s fees, who has been visiting Sijish daily for the last two months.

How the legal battle was won

The driver of the vehicle responsible for the accident was found guilty of rash and negligent driving and was fined.

Sijish contacted Femin Panikkassery, a legal professional at Abdalla Al Naqbi Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai, for filing a compensation case.

“It was taken up in court and the judgement was passed in my favour. My company was fully supportive during my treatment and the legal procedures,” Sijish said.

Ali Mohamed Ali, a legal consultant at the firm, said: “We, Abdalla Al Naqbi advocates, argued that a huge disability had been inflicted upon Sijish. We succeeded in convincing the court that he was still under treatment because of the disability.”

Panikkassery said a medical expert was earlier appointed to examine the status of Sijish and the findings on his disability were a key factor in securing the compensation.

Sijish plans to use the money for his treatment — which will be lifelong process — in order to support his family. “We just want to see him back on his feet again,” said his sister.