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Sharjah: Newly released figures by Sharjah Police for 2021 reveal thousands of motorists had little or no regard for public safety as they sped dangerously through heavy traffic.

Police said their radar devices recorded 765,560 reckless driving violations by motorists who violated the speed limit. Many of them were speeding in excess of 180km/h.

The highest speed recorded was on Sharjah–Khor Fakkan Road, where a vehicle clocked 279km/h. Speeding at such high rates automatically means 23 black points on a driver’s license, besides a Dh3,000 fine and 60-day impoundment of the vehicle.

Traffic fines

Captain Saud Al Shaiba

Captain Saud Al Shaiba, director of traffic awareness branch at the Traffic and Patrol Department, told Gulf News that a total of 1,174,260 traffic fines were recorded in Sharjah during 2021. These included violations such as speeding, not using seat belts, using a mobile phone while driving and others.

Capt Al Shaiba said despite police warnings about the dangers of speeding, some drivers repeated the violations and lost their lives.

He called on motorists to improve their behaviour on the road. Capt Al Shaiba said police have doubled efforts to reduce accidents by launching a number of safety campaigns. He urged families to observe their children and their behaviour on roads and to advise them speeding can kill.

Made in Sharjah

As many as 19,401 violations were recorded by locally-made radars in Sharjah during 2021. The device, designed by the General Headquarters of Sharjah Police in collaboration with the Departments of Traffic and Patrols and Electronic Services and Telecommunications, and was activated in August 2016.

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A traffic radar in Sharjah Image Credit: Supplied

The recorded offences included hard-shoulder violations, vehicles not adhering to their lanes, obstruction of traffic and speeding. The device is equipped with a high-resolution camera and advanced photo and video systems. “The traffic control cameras, which are installed across Sharjah roads, operate with state-of-the-art technology and high efficiency,” Capt Al Shaiba said.

In the first stage, a total of 10 radars were installed on Al Ittihad Road, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road and Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road. The number will be increased over time, said Sharjah Police.

Capt Al Shaiba said the number of vehicle registrations issued in Sharjah during 2021 reached 49,727, while the number of driving license issued last year was 42,583.

The total number of vehicles registered in the emirate stood at 347,469.

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Major speeding fines

Dh3,000; 23 black points; 60 days impound for exceeding the maximum speed limit by more than 80km/h

Dh2,000; 12 black points; 30 days impound for exceeding the maximum speed limit by more than 60km/h

Dh1,500; 6 black points; 15 days impound for exceeding the maximum speed limit by more than 60km/h

Dh1,000 for exceeding the maximum speed limit by no more than 50 km/h