Sharjah Police video 1-1649317501344
A screengrab from the Sharjah Police video Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Sharjah Police have shared with Gulf News shocking footage of a reckless cyclist and drivers, putting their lives at risk by ignoring traffic rules.

The footage shows a bicycle rider crossing a street at a pedestrian crossing, though the signal for pedestrians was still red. In the meantime, a car suddenly came rushing in even as the signal for vehicular traffic turned red.

The question is: Who was at fault, the cyclist or the car driver? 
Sharjah Police wanted to see the reactions of readers to this video.

Police clarified that in this case, both the cyclist and the motorist were at fault for not obeying traffic signals.

The driver was supposed to stop when the signal for vehicular traffic turned red, but he didn’t. The cyclist was also at fault because he ought to have waited until the pedestrian signal turned green, but he didn’t.

To clarify the point further, police said that a pedestrian signal does not turn green immediately, but takes a few seconds. The person riding the cycle had crossed the signal during those intervening few seconds while the signal was still red.

Fortunately, a horrible accident was averted.