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File pic of Sharjah Police for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Sharjah: Sharjah Police’s radar devices caught 510 cars for being too noisy on the emirate’s roads in 2021.

Captain Saud Al Shaiba, spokesperson for the Traffic and Patrol Department, told Gulf News that Sharjah Police have installed radars that detect noisy motorists, in a bid to cut down on residential disturbance. The device measures decibels of passing cars to capture violators in video and audio.

Those exceeding 95 decibels can be fined Dh2,000 and get 12 black points along with confiscation of vehicle for up to six months, under Article 20 of the Federal Traffic Law.

The noise radar system was rolled out in different location in the emirate since 2019. The system consists of a sound metre linked to a sophisticated camera. If the noise level from a vehicle is excessive, the camera captures the licence plate and the driver may be fined.

Capt Al Shaiba said that the loud noise in the vehicle disturbs motorists, road users and residents of neighbourhoods when noisy cars pass by, especially children and the elderly.

Dangerous modifications

Capt Al Shaiba said the aim of the police is to ensure that the roads are safe and check the nuisance that noisy vehicles can cause to residents. “Modifications of vehicles cause a great disturbance to residents and also pose a safety hazard to motorists who drive recklessly and put lives at risk,” he added.

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Capt Al Shaiba called on the public to report vehicles that disturb the peace in residential neighbourhoods by calling 999 for emergency and 901 for non-emergency at the Command and Control Centre, adding that the police will not tolerate drivers who make such noises from their vehicles. The necessary legal measures will be taken against them.