A happy dozen: Get ready for Onam with these 12 classic recipes

A happy dozen: Get ready for Onam with these 12 classic recipes

Authentic recipes from our food blogger Sobha Varghese and celebrity food writer Veena Jan

Ona Sadya Pexels.com
Onasadya is an elaborate feast that celebrates the annual harvest in the Indian state of Kerala Image Credit: Pexels.com

Onam is a traditional harvest festival from the southern Indian state of Kerala celebrated over 10 days with boat races, special cuisine, floral arrangements and tableaus. Legend has it that the ancient demon king Mahabali comes to mark the annual harvest and spend time with his subjects.

Malayalees around the world, including expats in the UAE mark this tradition with elaborate vegetarian meals served on banana leaves. Here are some classic Onam recipes published previously that would help amp up your preparations.

Pachamanga Kichadi Image Credit: Supplied

Pachamanga Kichadi or raw mango curry in yoghurt

Rasakalan Image Credit: Supplied

Rasakalan or pumpkin and white gourd in coconut gravy

Olan Image Credit: Supplied

Olan or cow beans and ash gourd in coconut milk

Kootu Curry
Sadya Special Kootu Curry Image Credit: Supplied/Sobha Varghese

Kootu Curry or roasted coconut with vegetables and chickpeas

Kerala Mathanga-Kaya Erissery (pumpkin and banana curry)
Kerala Mathanga-Kaya Erissery (pumpkin and banana curry) Image Credit: Supplied

Mathanga Kaya Erissery or pumpkin and banana curry

Guide to making Kerala ethakka upperi or banana chips Image Credit: Supplied/Sobha Varghese

Ethaka Upperi or salted banana chips

Pineapple Pachadi Image Credit: Supplied

Pineapple pachadi or pineapple in sweet and spicy coconut curry

Beetroot Pachadi
Beetroot Pachadi Image Credit: Supplied/Sobha Varghese

Beetroot pachadi or tangy beetroot in tempered yoghurt curry

Kaippillatta Pavakka Thoran
Kaippillatta Pavakka Thoran Image Credit: Supplied/Sobha Varghese

Pavakka thoran or bitter gourd stir fry

Cherupayar Ari Payasam or green gram and rice pudding for Onam
Cherupayar Ari Payasam or green gram and rice pudding for Onam Image Credit: Supplied

Cherupayar Ari Payasam or green gram and rice pudding

Parippu Payasam
Traditional Kerala sweet dish Image Credit: Shutterstock

Parippu payasam or lentil pudding

Guide to making Ari Payasam or rice pudding Image Credit: Supplied/Sobha Varghese

Ari sarkara payasam or rice and jaggery in coconut milk pudding

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