File picture of Abu Dhabi Police Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have launched a ‘Safe City Section’ that uses artificial intelligence (AI) systems to boost traffic safety in the emirate, it revealed on Saturday.

In a video shared on its social media platforms, Abu Dhabi Police highlighted the use of AI as it participates in Arab Traffic Week, being held May 4 to 10.

The Safe City Section is an (ICT) Information Communication Technology hub that processes huge volumes of data to support officials in monitoring and analysing traffic related issues, including accidents and crime. The section uses both historical and live data for analysis and making projections, which can reduce accidents, Abu Dhabi Police said.

The section is linked to the National Early Warning System that sends alerts to roads users about threats before and after they occur, such as adverse weather, road conditions or risk of accidents.

The clip shows screens inside the new section and cameras on roads, with depictions of sensors and machine learning used by AI. The technology also helps in studying and improving driver behaviour.

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Automatic fines

Using AI, Abu Dhabi authorities can issue fines without human intervention, such as those for not leaving a safe distance between cars and monitoring heavy vehicles that violate their permits and movement timings.

The system can also build scenarios and simulations of how traffic is likely to build up in case of an accident or roadworks in a particular area.