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A video grab of an accident involving several vehicles in Abu Dhabi. The accident happened after an SUV stopped in the middle of the road. Image Credit: AD Police/twitter

Abu Dhabi: Being distracted while driving, or stopping in the middle of the road, can lead to tragic accidents, the Abu Dhabi Police have warned. In fact, a Dh800 fine, and four traffic black points, are imposed on offenders.

Multiple vehicles accident

The Abu Dhabi Police also shared a clip on its social media platforms which shows objects being falling out of an SUV in the middle of a busy road. The SUV then pulls to a stop in the middle of the road, presumably due to the driver being distracted. While some cars manage to initially avoid it, another vehicle eventually collided into it, and the SUV then crashes into other vehicles. As a result, several vehicles on the highway also crashed into one another

Distracting behaviours

The Abu Dhabi Police therefore called upon motorists to avoid stopping in the midst of a busy road, and instead head to the nearest exit in order to make an emergency stop. It also urged motorists to avoid other behaviours that may cause them to become inattentive or distracted while driving, including using hand-held devices, applying make-up, taking pictures, or talking to passengers.


According to Article 32 of Law No 178 of 2017 regarding traffic control procedures, the Dh800 fine, and four traffic black points, will be imposed on motorists found using hand-held devices while driving, and on motorists who are found to be inattentive while driving.