Abu Dhabi Police have posted the alert on their social media channels Image Credit: Twitter/@ADPoliceHQ

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police are now penalising motorists who fail to adhere to their traffic lane and its rules when crossing intersections.

In particular, a Dh400 is now being imposed on motorists who do not follow lane regulations, such as using any lane other than the left turn lane to take a left at a signalised intersection.

Police warned motorists about the penalty on a social media post over the weekend, saying that the Dh400 fine applies if motorists fail to go straight at an intersection when on a lane that is not meant for left turns.

The police had said in February that failing to abide by lane discipline undermines road safety and increases the risk of accidents.

Lane rules

Lane discipline penalties are being strictly enforced in the emirate since last month, after Abu Dhabi Police released a number of clips on social media showing the hazards of failing to follow lane-related regulations.

In addition to lane regulations at intersections, the police have also highlighted that motorists must only overtake from the left of a vehicle, and that they must give way to overtaking vehicles and vehicles approaching from behind when merging with another lane.

In fact, a Dh600 fine, and six traffic black points, are slapped on motorists who overtake other vehicles from the right.