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Authorities stress that residents must take appropriate safety precautions when they go to trekking or exploring UAE’s mountain. Image Credit: Supplied

DUbai: Wishing to explore the UAE’s majestic mountains? Then it’s an absolute must that you pay attention to safety measures. It starts with the preparations and yhr things to keep in mind during the trek itself.

As temperatures begin to cool and UAE residents spend more time outdoors, experienced mountaineers and local authorities stressed that appropriate safety precautions are vital when trekking or exploring UAE’s mountains.

Among the potential risks are injuries, dehydration, heat exhaustion — or getting lost.

To raise public safety awareness, the Ras Al Khaimah Police, Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Authority and the Tourism Police Department released a bilingual video hosted by tourist guide Abdulaziz Al Sharhan to call the attention of visitors to potential dangers they may be exposed to.

Colonel Dr. Abdullah bin Salman Al Nuaimi, Director of Media and Public Relations Department at Ras Al Khaimah Police, said the video, available in both Arabic and English, includes tips and instructions that mountain explorers, adventurers and hobbyists in these areas must abide by.

He called on mountain goers to adhere to instructions and cooperate with police efforts to enhancing their security and safety.

Trekking tips
Trekking tips Image Credit: Credit: Vijith Pulikkal | Gulf News

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Important tips if you wish to go on mountain trips:

First check weather forecast and information from official sources.

Plan your trip and the expected time of arrival.

Share your plan with one of your family members.

It’s better to go with a mountain guide.

Make sure to take with you first aid kit to deal with any emergency cases.

Wear a comfortable shirt and trousers, in neon colours — it is better to be visible from a distance.

Hiking boots and socks are essential for rocky mountains to protect your feet.

Do not forget to wear hat and sunglasses.

Bring with you extra food and water.

You have to drink every 15-30 minutes to stay hydrated.

Make sure that your phone is fully charged and bring with you extra power bank.

A hiking pole is important to maintain your balance.

If you feel tired, take a rest in the right place and then continue your hike.

Bring a head lamp and make sure it is fully charged.

Bring extra batteries and minimise the use of your phone flash light.

Do not forget a whistle in case of any emergency.

You can call 999 to assist you in case of any emergency.

Finally, try to finish your hike at the right time

If you decide to camp, do not forget your tent and sleeping bag.

Remember to have the right company with you in the hike.