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UAE residents are heading into 2022 with a lot of hope and optimism. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: As the world steps into a brand new year, there are many hopes, dreams and aspirations that people are nurturing — some for the world and some for themselves. Gulf News spoke to a cross-section of UAE residents to know about their wish lists for 2022.

Hasib Mayega, 36, Ugandan, accounting executive

Hasib Mayega

I sincerely wish that the world is free of the pandemic and its associated fear psychosis. We have been unable to travel, work in a proper manner or interact for the last two years. This year should see an end to all that. For myself, I would like to focus on embellishing my skills as an accountant. This is something I have been planning for the last two years. I would like to attend the course, challenge myself and feel the excitement of attending the one-year programme in-person in Dubai to earn my certificate, which will open up brighter career prospects for me.

Nasser Aldin Kayemah, 24, Syrian, engineering consultant

Nasser Aldin Kayemah

Like everyone else, I really want this pandemic to end so that new opportunities can open up for professionals like me. In the engineering sector, many projects have suffered owing to paucity of funds and man power. Personally, I have two goals this year: I’d like to enrol for a PhD programme in engineering as I love research and education. Also, I intend to become a successful programmer and coder. For this, I have already enrolled in an online class. Programming and coding are my passion and I intend to gain proficiency in this field by the end of 2022.

Nawaz Khan Jadoon, 40, Pakistani businessman and President of PTI in UAE

Nawaz Khan Jadoon

I am sincerely hoping for a complete revival of global trade and business. We, in the UAE, got a good trailer of this in the ongoing Expo 2020 Dubai as we were able to ink new deals with several international clients and I can see that the business sentiment is very strong and robust right now. On the personal front, I sincerely hope I am able to sell off my new resort investment In Palm. We have worked very hard on it and hope a branded organisation is able to manage this. Tourism is on the rise with revival of business. Recently, we have had many organisations looking forward to leasing or buying resorts. I hope I am able to achieve success in 2022.

Janet H., 49, American, professional in the field of education

I am really hoping that people do not suffer economic hardships in the coming year. On a personal note, I have big health goals for my family and myself and hope we all will do well. I am also completing a new assignment and this could be my last year in the UAE. I am hoping to find a new job in 2022.

Fares Abdul Hamid Mohammad Quatarneh, 33, Jordanian, customer relations personnel

Fares Abdul Hamid Mohammad Quatarneh

I hope to see the world free of COVID-19 in 2022. This illness has taken away lives and stolen so many important moments from us. Like many others, I have not been able to travel to my home town Amman for the last two years and am hoping that like others I will be able to travel and see my near and dear ones soon. I also hope my career grows in the New Year. I am doing a Masters in Hospital Administration and hope to work towards a higher post and eventually become a director in public relations.

Deepa Bellani, Indian, health spa owner

Deepa Bellani

We are facing one of the biggest challenges of all times, currently. In 2022, I want to see people taking action with unity on this front, with a lot of tolerance and compassion for all. Personally, I want to focus on the health and wellness of my loved ones. As an entrepreneur, I want to safeguard the welfare and health of all my employees as much as possible this year.

Kartick Das, 28, Indian, chef in Italian cuisine

Kartick Das

I am from Kolkata, India, and have been in Dubai since 2015. In 2011, I met my pretty fiance and we are set to tie the knot on January 17, 2022. So, for the coming year I wish for us all the happiness that a new married couple deserve, especially since we did not see each other for the previous three years due to the pandemic. I hope that the world will be able to go back to normal and all the families be happy in 2022.

Yasser Roshdy, 48, Egyptian, food and beverages manager

Yasser Roshdy

I came to Dubai to support my family back home and augment my expertise in the hospitality industry. My wish for 2022 is to have more financial stability and be able to bring my family over to the UAE so we can live together. I wish that every country will continue to be united in adopting proper measures to end the COVID-19 crisis.

Virginia Villanueva, 37, Filipina, civil engineer

Virginia Villanueva

I have been in Dubai for the last 13 years. The UAE gave me the opportunity to grow in the engineering field. I met my husband and we got married eight months ago. Our wish for 2022 is to have a beautiful family and since we were not able to complete a proper honeymoon trip, we want to take that trip in the coming months of 2022. Our hope is to be back to a normal lifestyle where future generations can have a safe and happy future.

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Jungho Hahn, Korean, writer and entrepreneur

Jungho Hahn

This year has been a roller-coaster ride for my family and me. Getting married, expecting a baby and moving in to a new house were some of the highlights of my life this year. I can only expect and hope for the best for my family’s health and protection during these trying times and prosperity for my company. I will take all the things that I have learned this year to move forward to 2022. We pray for the safety and healing for all the people in the world who are suffering and are far away from their families. We wish everyone a prosperous New Year and bountiful of blessings.

Angela Brown, 45, British, teacher and host

Angela Brown

Originally hailing from Manchester, I moved to Dubai after several years of globe-trotting that started way back in 2004. I am already starting to feel so much blessed for the exciting year that lies ahead, despite having had a challenging couple of years — having lost my father to COVID-19 last year during the lockdown. Living through these unpredictable times has made me stronger and more determined to live life to the full! Top of my NY resolution list is my health, continued healing, wellbeing and everything else should align with those priorities. I will commit myself to yoga and finish setting up my new recording studio. I also want to complete my passion project — the conversion of a 1978 VW Campervan and have ‘her’ ready to hit the road in 2022!

Ali Shabdar, 42, Canadian-Iranian, MEA regional director

Ali Shabdar

I wish for a New Year with better understanding between nations, positive conversations, shared goals, fact-based decisions and less conflicts. We are in the midst of revolutionary scientific breakthroughs in energy, medicine, space exploration and technology. I wish for us to be more conscious in harnessing these breakthroughs and using them for our collective betterment and not detriment. Personally, I will push harder to connect with people, to focus more on our shared values rather than our differences.