After a fairly disruptive two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world has great hopes pinned on a rejuvenation and revival in New Year 2022. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: After a fairly disruptive two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world has great hopes pinned on a rejuvenation and revival in New Year 2022. Despite the variants of the virus rearing their ugly heads at almost regular intervals and all the accompanying economic gloom, human spirit remains combative. No wonder, the soothsayers are predicting a fairly good year ahead — one that holds out the promise of revival of public health, a bounce in the stocks, and an opportunity for Mother Earth to heal.

Gulf News spoke to a tarot reader, a Vedic astrologer and an intuitive oracle card reader from across the globe. Surprisingly, many of their predictions seem to converge. It almost seems like the stars are saying “We shall overcome”. Read on.

Tarot reader Kimmy Hanspal, from Dubai

Kimmy Hanspal

The world looks all set to stage a major recovery in trade, business and public health and experience a resumption of pre-pandemic life. By the end of 2022, a wiser, emotionally and financially stronger world will emerge and people will be more mindful of issues such as inclusiveness, caring for the sick, elderly and underprivileged. For purposes of understand how this will happen, Tarot cards dealt with specific topics and themes.

Public health and Wellness:

The IX of Pentacles card spells ‘almost’ the end of COVID-19 by the end of 2022. By year-end, we will have achieved 90 per cent relief and a revival of life.

The XIV Temperance card indicates that people will work towards achieving a better work–life balance. Year 2022 is going to mark a turning point in the state of public health and will mark a time of abundance in this field. The VI of Cups indicates a shift in community governance with governments focusing on the health of children, the underprivileged and seniors.

The two of Cups, IV of Wands and XX Judgement cards indicate people in the world will experience an era of cooperation in caring for each other and lending an ear to hear out each other’s grievances and universal wellness goals. People will be prompted to slow down and give more importance to family life, savouring precious moments and in turn, experience happiness, abundance and healing from the universe.

Export, trade, stocks and bullion:

The IV of Pentacles card indicates there will be an upward movement in export markets and people will be interested in investing. However, the countries that import the stuff will hold a conservative attitude.

The Knight of wands card symbolised action taken in this field with proper vigilance and care. The Star card indicates the emergence of a strong monopolistic entity such as China.

The Fool card indicates that after a long period of lull, trade will bounce back. The three of swords and VIII of wand cards indicate that all previous records of the trading sector will surpass all previous records; a new era in world trade will begin. People will sort out issues related to finances and materialistic comforts will be sorted. People will work with long-term planning towards earning money.

In stocks and Crypto currency, the Judgement, VII of Pentacles and VI of cups cards symbolise the upward graph of stocks of oil companies and the deifying of the Crypto currency. People will pick up some major stocks and crypto currencies and these will reap massive profits and high return on investments.

The IX of Pentacles, the Chariot and II of Cups card shows a sharp rise in the fortunes of those invested in gold, silver and metal. People will experience substantial profits in Bullion trading as the profits on their investments will soar and they can sit back and enjoy the fruit. However, it is advisable to stay grounded and be generous enough to share the profits with the other members of the family.

Natural disasters, climate change and weather:

The X of Cups, King of Swords and King of Pentacles card indicate that natural disasters will be down to a minimum and people will be able to travel to meet their near and dear ones more easily in 2022. However, people will have to keep away from any susceptibility to false rumours and adopt clarity of thought and a practical outlook on this.

The II of Wands, the Magician and the V of Pentacle cards symbolise that global warming and climate change will continue to dominate international issues. However, there will be definite action for conservation from countries and a move towards saving the planet.

International relations:

The XII Death card indicates an awareness on the part of countries in taking charge and acting on an international level. Queen of Wands card shows there could be instances of hostility among countries. Countries need to take cognizance of potential hostilities and frictions and are advised to act responsibly. The Star card indicates that international relations will eventually blossom and countries will work towards balancing their aspiration and reality. We can hope for long-term harmony and peace.


Vedic Astrologer Ajay Bhambi, from India


To begin with, 2022 is going to be a better year than the last two. Going by numerology, the total number adds up to 6. Number 6 is very good for women, health, wealth and prosperity.

Ajay Bhambi

As per Vedic astrology, Jupiter was in a fast forward mode for the last four years. Since 2020, we have seen the terrible impact of COVID-19, bringing the world to a grinding halt. Health was the biggest issue and we faced a grim socio-economic situation globally.

However, we also witnessed a sudden surge in R&D and manufacturing of vaccines, medicines with strong efficacy. We also gained significant ground in positive changes and in eco-conservation and climate change, work-from-home slowed down the pace of life and provided a better work-life balance. Therefore, while we experienced devastation, there were some positives, too.

In 2022, global health will improve manifold, lot of cooperation among countries will be possible, a boost to bilateral relationships and ties are on the cards.

UAE will witness a lot of positive developments in all fields. Dubai will retain its position as the star attraction of the world and gain a lot of prominence in among the leading places in the world.

We will continue to see more drastic changes in the field of education. Last year, distance learning and remote instruction had changed the texture of education and in 2022, we can expect some game changing trends in this field. Finance, health and other economic issues will do better.

As far as COVID-19 is concerned, by April, we will see many changes in the stars that will bring about positive health vibrations. The new variant, Omicron, will fail to upset the world. However, caution and care will help. The impact of Omicron will start declining from February and will be decimated by April 2022.

Going month-wise, we can expect January to continue to be disruptive in terms of health for the entire world. February onwards, the changes in health situation globally will come through and continue until April. By April, people will focus on buying property, vehicle and so on. May will be a good month for engagements and partnerships. These will continue until June. In July, any pubic investment should be avoided. By August 2022, things will improve further and the trend will continue through September and until the end of the year.

Going by numerology, people whose date of births total 2, 6, 8 will benefit a lot. Best colours will be off-white, green, light blue and pink. At home, make sure the North direction is not cluttered with heavy objects. 2022 is going to be a very good year for travel, heath, employment opportunities and all that people cherished for a long time will finally reach fruition this year.”

Intuitive and Oracle Card Creator Amira Celon, based in Australia

There will be some major breakthroughs in medicine for treatment of terminal illnesses, including some cancers and neurological diseases.

President Joe Biden will step down or have some health issues that will prevent him from continuing with his full term as president of the United States.

Amira Celon

Around the month of May, Queen Elizabeth II may step down from her role as the Queen.

By mid-2022, there could be another variant of COVID-19, but a milder version like Omicron

One can expect the announcement of royal weddings in some leading royal families in the Middle East. There will be more marriages recorded in the UAE in 2022 than in recent years and 2022.

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As far as the Indian sub-continent is concerned, I am only seeing positive things and a booming economy.

Ecology: Many coral reefs that had suffered damages and pollution will see a positive turnaround, creating a reset for marine species to flourish.

International Travel is likely to be completely open only by the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023.