Ibrahim Salim Al Musharrakh
Ibrahim Salim Al Musharrakh, the UAE Ambassador to Austria. Image Credit: WAM

Vienna: Ibrahim Salim Al Musharrakh, the UAE Ambassador to Austria, has praised the distinguished UAE-Austria economic and trade relations, especially in the tourism and aviation sectors.

The ambassador’s remarks came on the occasion of the arrival of the first Etihad Airways flight to the Austrian capital of Vienna and the FlyDubai flight to Salzburg Airport, the second largest airport in Austria.

Ambassador Al Musharrakh expressed his pleasure with the remarkable development the aviation sector has witnessed recently in the two countries, which was reflected in the arrival of flights of two national airlines for the first time at the most important Austrian airports.

Enhancing cultural relations

“This shows the growth of relations between the UAE and Austria and the keenness of both leaderships to broaden them,” he added.

Al Musharrakh highlighted the importance of the aviation sector’s contributions to developing political, economic and commercial ties between the UAE and Austria and enhancing cultural relations between the people of the two countries.

Regarding the noticeable tourism activity between the two countries, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE Ambassador said that the new flights by the UAE national carriers to Austria are a “good sign of the recovery of travel and tourism between the two countries”. He also underscored the status of the UAE as one of the main tourist destinations in the world, lauding the capability of its national airlines to deal professionally with the pandemic-induced changes and developments in the aviation sector.

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Role of Expo 2020 Dubai

The UAE ambassador affirmed the expected positive impact of Expo 2020 Dubai in enhancing the role of the UAE national carriers and facilitating the travel of visitors, businessmen and government officials from Austria and Europe to the UAE in a way that contributes towards increasing travel and air transport between the two countries and promoting the recovery of the aviation sector.