Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan with Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin Palace during the former’s visit to Russia in 2017. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Abu Dhabi: Sergei Kuznetsov, Russian Ambassador to the UAE, said on Monday that the visit of President Vladimir Putin represents a marked progress in bilateral relations between the two countries.

“The visit reflects the strong overall strategic partnership between the two countries and will enhance their cooperation in vital sectors,” Kuznetsov told the Emirates News Agency, adding that the visit will strengthen the relations between the two countries, especially in light of their strategic partnership.

“We are proud of our cooperation in the space sector, and we are pleased that Hazzaa AlMansoori’s mission to the International Space Station was part of a Russian mission,” he said.

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Kuznetsov stressed that the cultural cooperation between the two countries is witnessing remarkable development while praising the organisation of UAE-Russia Week, which will be held at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi on the sidelines of President Putin’s visit.

The UAE-Russia Week will welcome guests with Emirati coffee and dates and Russian bread and salt and include performances by Al Ayala, as well as a musical performance by Emirati artist Fatima Al Hashimi and traditional performances and handicrafts.