New Year's Eve celebrations at Sheikh Zayed Festival will include an hour-long extravagant firework display. Image Credit: File Photo/Supplied

Abu Dhabi: New Year’s Eve celebrations will see the record-breaking 60-minute-long fireworks display in Abu Dhabi.

The Higher Organizing Committee of the Sheikh Zayed Festival, currently taking place at Abu Dhabi’s Al Wathba showgrounds, on Friday announced its mega events and show to celebrate the New Year.

Celebrations will include the largest and most extravagant firework display, which will last more than 60 minutes, breaking four Guinness World Records in terms of quantity, time and design intricacy.

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Along with that, there will be an elaborate drone show utilising over 5,000 drones that will hover over Al Wathba skies in intricate patterns, which is also a new record in the region.

The New Year’s extravaganza will also include a huge laser show in another first of its kind event, in addition to special presentations by the Emirates Fountain, Glowing Towers Garden and the various pavilions of the Festival, along with a number of cultural performances from around the world.


The Sheikh Zayed Festival is breaking yet another Guinness World Record with exceptional new shows to celebrate the New Year, with a major firework display that will last 60 minutes continuously, breaking 3 new Guinness World Records in terms of quantity, time and formation, amazing visitors with a unique experience as they enter the first minutes of 2024 while witnessing a new world record in firework shows.

Drone Shows

For the first time, visitors to the Festival will have the opportunity to be transfixed by over 5,000 drones hovering over Al Wathba skies, filling them with wonderful formations in a dazzling show to celebrate the New Year, while breaking another Guinness World Record.

Laser show

Visitors will also enjoy a major laser show that is the first of its kind in the region, in addition to the special laser and music shows at the Emirates Fountain which sets the perfect mood for visitors of all age groups to welcome the New Year.

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Art and entertainment shows

All visitors to the Festival will experience an atmosphere of joy and celebration on New Year’s Eve with the release of 100,000 colourful balloons in the sky, bringing a smile to every face, as they enjoy the DJ and live music show that brings another unforgettable element to the entertainment and features of that day, organised so ensure that visitors can spend memorable times at the Festival with family and friends on the New Year.

The Organising Committee of the Sheikh Zayed Festival allocated giant screens outside the Festival square to broadcast events, activities, and performances of the celebration, due to the expected high turnout to the Festival to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Various celebratory features

The Heritage Village, in the heart of the Festival, offers a number of events and activities to celebrate the New Year, including a performance of Al Razfa and Ayala dances. Various institutions and government bodies participating in the Festival also offer numerous entertaining celebratory events to visitors at their pavilions, in addition to other special events and activities arranged specially for children, including games and competitions held on the children’s theatre, as well as fun games in the Fun Fair City, the House of Horror, Al Forsan International Sports Resort activities and so much more.

The pavilions of the participating countries celebrate the New Year 2024 with carnival shows and folkloric performances, in addition to traditional cultural celebrations associated with New Year’s Eve in their respective cultures, while at the same time taking part in the parades that will roam Festival grounds where the World Civilizations Parade provide lively folkloric performances to bring joy and happiness to everyone at the Festival and celebrate the New Year 2024 amid a myriad of cultural events, fun surprises and great celebrations.

Foods and Shopping

During the 2024 New Year celebration, visitors will have the opportunity to get great discounts and surprises when shopping from the wide range of products and shops in all pavilions and areas of the Festival. They will also get to enjoy new dining experiences through many local and international restaurants that cater to all tastes, in a fun filled festive setting that brings joy to the public as they welcome the New Year.

The Sheikh Zayed Festival welcomes visitors daily until the 9th of March 2024, from 4 p.m. to midnight on weekdays, and until 1 a.m. during weekends and public holidays, to give them the opportunity to spend joyful and memorable times with family and friends, in the outdoors setting of the Festival, with numerous events, activities and competitions that suit all age groups.