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The seizures followed the tracking of over 1,100 international shipments across Asia, Europe, and Oceania throughout 2023 Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Numerous Customs authorities and diplomatic bodies around the world have expressed thanks to the United Arab Emirates for its collaborative endeavours in combatting drug trafficking.

Dubai Customs, in particular, has been praised for its active international cooperation with relevant agencies in addressing drug smuggling and countering transnational organised crimes.

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This joint effort resulted in the confiscation of 2.8 tonnes of narcotics by customs authorities in various foreign nations.

The success is attributed to Dubai Customs’ information exchange, involving the tracking of over 1,100 international shipments across Asia, Europe, and Oceania throughout 2023.

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538kg pure heroin thwarted

The latest achievement includes thwarting the smuggling of approximately 538 kilograms of pure heroin in a shipment from an Asian country to Europe.

Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director General of Dubai Customs, CEO of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, emphasised Dubai Customs’ commitment to strengthening relationships between the UAE and countries worldwide.

Ahmed Mahboob Musabih

Ahmed Mahboob Musabih

The focus is on facilitating foreign trade, supporting flexible supply chains, and enhancing the UAE’s role as a global trade hub.

Additionally, Dubai Customs is dedicated to robust collaboration to combat transnational crimes and prevent the trafficking of prohibited substances, aiming to create a society free from the dangers of drug toxicity and protect its people from the consequences of this hazardous menace.

Musabih commended the efforts of Dubai Customs’ teams and their collaboration with international authorities in thwarting smuggling operations.

He highlighted their rigorous security follow-up, resulting in the implementation of precise and specialised procedures for drug control within and outside the country.

He further stressed Dubai Customs’ dedication to embodying Dubai’s vision as a unique international model for enhancing relations with trade partners, increasing trade exchange, and reinforcing security to protect communities.


The 2021-2026 Dubai Customs Plan includes the principle of being a globally leading secure customs, with objectives pursued through international efforts and collaboration with customs authorities worldwide to prevent the trafficking of prohibited substances.

The government department and its teams leverage accumulated expertise and high efficiency, supported by intelligent and innovative systems for monitoring and tracking suspicious shipments.

Mohammed Abdullah Al Suwaidi

Mohammed Abdullah Al Suwaidi, from Dubai Customs’ Intelligence Department, remarked, “Dubai Customs has earned widespread international recognition for its accomplishments in fostering productive and constructive collaborations to prevent the smuggling of prohibited items on local, regional, and global fronts.

“This success is attributed to the department’s efforts in strengthening ties with relevant entities, sharing crucial information, and actively participating in numerous joint operations worldwide. Dubai Customs has received praise for its constructive collaboration from the Japanese Consulate, the Canadian Consulate, and has been honored with certificates of appreciation from the German Consulate, as well as from the Regional Office in the Middle East (RELO), and other pertinent diplomatic entities.”