The drugs included hallucinogenic pills, stamps and powder, crack cocaine, and the narcotic substance known as ‘Crystal’ Image Credit: Dubai Customs

Dubai: Inspectors from the Passenger Operations Department at Dubai International Airport apprehended a traveller arriving from a European country who was trying to smuggle various small drugs that were “cleverly concealed” within his luggage, making them hard to detect.

The items included 292 hallucinogenic pills, five hallucinogenic stamps, 13.84 grams of hallucinogenic powder, 7.38 grams of crack cocaine, and 274.59 grams of the narcotic substance known as ‘Crystal’.

Khaled Ahmed

Khaled Ahmed, the Acting Director of the Passenger Operations Department, said Dubai Customs is dedicated to safeguarding the community and combating drug smuggling into the country. They rely on highly skilled, experienced, and efficient personnel, as well as state-of-the-art inspection and scanning equipment at airports and customs ports throughout Dubai, along with various support systems, he added.

Ahmed stressed that Dubai Customs spares no effort in pursuing its strategic goal, as it acts as the first line of defence against the infiltration of these harmful substances, which threaten both individual health and the economy.

‘Exposing deceptions’

“At Dubai Customs, we are committed to preventing all smuggling attempts and protecting the country’s borders as part of our national duty. When looking at the measures taken to seize banned substances with the European traveller, it becomes evident that multiple departments cooperated to expose the traveller’s deceptions, closely monitor and inspect his luggage to uncover the various concealed substances,” he said.

“Nevertheless, Dubai Customs remains vigilant and ready to intercept any endeavour to introduce drugs into the UAE, diligently employing accumulated expertise to detect and thwart such smuggling attempts.”