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Ever sunk into a pool of lukewarm water and found yourself de-stressing right away? Aqua Yoga is a new type of yoga that takes that feeling of calm a step further. I have been a strong advocate of yoga for a good 7-8 years now, especially since I have personally experienced the benefits of it; it has helped me overcome severe migraine issues.

The secret of staying youthful

I discovered yoga about a decade ago at the Jindal Nature Cure Institute in Bengaluru, India. It has now become a family ritual to visit Jindal every year for 10 days. As a daily routine, I practice yoga for 2 hours; first 30 minutes of proper yoga asanas, and then Aqua Yoga exercises for 30 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of meditation and 20 minutes of pranayama. This regime keeps me refreshed, energetic, youthful and full of life.

A healthier life with a healthier smile

Yoga has now become a popular form of exercise practiced globally. There are many different forms of it available. The style a person chooses depends on their expectations and level of physical ability. Following the path of least resistance and ultimate calm, aqua yoga is something very unique; you should experience it this summer.

Stay connected to yourself

Aqua yoga is for anyone who wants to bring more mindfulness into their exercise ritual. It’s not a classic form of yoga but has a host of benefits for people who are looking to exercise in a safe manner. This type of yoga can also revitalise a monotonous yoga routine. Aqua yoga provides a list of health benefits, from calming the mind to easing anxiety, increasing blood circulation, enhancing muscle strength, and much more. When I initially started this form of yoga, I was astonished by how much more flexible my body felt in the pool and how easily I slipped into a calm state. Though it wasn't much different from regular yoga on dry land, I did feel more flexible in the water. One of the biggest benefits of aqua yoga is that your body is more relaxed in the pool, which helps to get a better stretch in each pose. We sub-consciously tend to hold a lot of tension in our foreheads, shoulders and necks. In water, however, this tension is released.

The temperature of the water also plays an important role in Aqua Yoga. If the water is warm, then it will increase blood circulation in the entire body allowing lungs, heart as well as muscles to function properly and efficiently.

Here are some of the aqua yoga exercises I practice (also shown in the video)–

· Tadasana - Helps to create stability in the shoulder joints and correct posture.

· Hastaprasarna Asana - Stimulates the lungs, heart and stretches the muscles of the ribs. Reduces pain in neck, shoulders and arms.

· Vakshsthal Asana - Helps to strengthen the back, Spine and the Hips.

Maintaining a healthier lifestyle and exposing myself to a unique form of yoga, I have been able to change my life and gain mental peace and health. Try aqua yoga and reclaim your greatest wealth: Happiness!

Please Note: Aqua yoga should be practiced only by those who know how to swim.