Dubai: Two female cleaners have been jailed for three months for stealing a MacBook Pro device after a woman forgot it in the washroom of a supermarket.

An Emirati took her MacBook Pro laptop with her into the washroom forgot the device inside in October 2018.

As the woman realised that she had forgotten her device in the washroom, she rushed back and discovered that it was not on the floor where she had left it, according to records.

The Emirati called up the police and told them that her device was stolen.

Police interrogations led to the arrest of two Filipina cleaners.

On Tuesday, the Court of First Instance convicted the two defendants of stealing the Dh21,000-worth MacBook Pro laptop.

When they showed up in court, they denied and pleaded not guilty.

The convicts will be deported.

“We did not steal the device. We just found it on the floor in the washroom but we didn’t steal it,” one of the defendants told the presiding judge.

The Emirati woman said she took her laptop with her into the washroom at Dubai Silicon Oasis and she forgot it on the floor.

She said the MacBook Pro was no longer there when she returned to look for it. The Filipinas were quoted as telling prosecutors that they stole the device.

The ruling remains subject to appeal.