Residents can also reach out for psychiatric, social, or legal advice on the new channel Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Victims of violence and abuse can now reach the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) through WhatsApp on the number 971800111.

They can also request for psychiatric, social, or legal advice. The new service, which aims to upgrade the Foundation’s services, facilitate and speed up the provision of services, can be obtained by texting the Foundation on WhatsApp.

In addition to its website and a 24-hour helpline, the DFWAC also offers its services through its social media channels.

DFWAC said the move comes in line with its keenness to diversify communication channels with customers and target audiences, promote its smart services, and make the most of the latest technological developments to meet the demands of target clients through a unified phone number.

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Faster response

Shaikha Saeed Al Mansouri, Acting Director-General, DFWAC, said the Foundation adopts a digital services development strategy to develop its digital channels, adding that the recently introduced WhatsApp service will shorten the Foundation’s response time and ensure the timely provision of services.

She added that the foundation is committed to constantly developing its digital services, efficiency and service quality in order to ensure that victims of domestic violence, bullying, or human trafficking receive the best assistance possible.