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File pic of Sharjah Police on patrol, for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: WAM

Sharjah: Sharjah Police have arrested an Arab driver within 45 minutes after he had hit an Asian pedestrian and fled the scene.

A report was received by the Operations Room of Sharjah Police at 10.44am on Monday, stating that an incident had occurred on Al Wahda Road and the driver had fled the scene. Specialised patrols of Sharjah Police reached the site and learnt that an Asian man was crossing the road from an undesignated point when he was run over by a motorist. The injured man was transferred to hospital by National Ambulance.

Driver surprised

Sharjah Police began their operations to search for the motorist, and within 45 minutes the team succeeded in identifying the culprit, arresting him, and seizing the car.

Sharjah Police said the suspect was surprised by the speed of the police’s arrival. He confessed to his action, and tried justifying his hit-and-run action due to his “confusion and feeling of fear”, and his belief that the injury was minor.

Buhairah Police Station has started procedures for transferring the case to Public Prosecution.

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Double crime

Sharjah Police said feeling from the scene of an accident is a crime punishable by law, especially in a run-over incident, and thus the perpetrator of the accident has committed two crimes.

Sharjah Police called on the public to be careful while crossing the road, and not to cross except from the places designated for them, stressing that the authorities will not be lenient in applying the law to violators of traffic regulations, or those trying to escape from traffic patrols, or causing any action that poses a threat to the lives of road users.

They also urged drivers to not exceed the speed limit, which is a major cause of fatal accidents.