Pregnant woman killed in a hit-and-run accident in Sharjah
Image Credit: Sharjah Police

Sharjah: Police have arrested an Arab national who allegedly fled the accident scene after his speeding car hit a pregnant woman and her 4-year-old son while they were crossing a road. The woman died on her way to the hospital while her son was seriously injured.

On November 4, Sharjah Police Control and Command Room received a report of an accident in which an unknown car had run over a woman and her son on Al Tauwain Road.

Police found that the woman and her child were crossing the road through an undesignated area.

The traffic tracking systems and smart cameras were able to identify the vehicle and its location, and subsequently, the driver got arrested after 8 hours of the accident.

Sharjah Police called on the public to be careful while crossing the roads, and not to cross the roads through undesignated areas, stressing that it will not be lenient in applying the law to violators of traffic rules and regulations.

The police also called on drivers to abide by the speed limit on the roads, as it is a major cause of accidents.