Seized marijuana in the cereal bag Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Customs successfully intercepted an Asian traveller’s attempt to smuggle 7.06kg of marijuana through Dubai International Airport. The drugs were “cleverly hidden” inside bags of a well-known breakfast cereal brand.

The “vigilant inspectors” of the Passenger Operations Department at Terminal 1 successfully seized the marijuana concealed within bags of the cereal, which presented “a formidable challenge” to detection.

The suspicion arose when unusual dark substances were discovered within the bags, potentially indicating the presence of prohibited materials. Consequently, standard procedures were promptly implemented to address the situation.

The drugs being weighed Image Credit: Supplied

The passenger and the seized narcotics were handed over to the General Directorate of Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police for further legal action. The collaborative effort reflects the “strong partnership” between Dubai Customs and Dubai Police.

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Ibrahim Kamali, the Director of Passengers Operations Department at Dubai Customs, said the department equips its customs centres with cutting-edge inspection systems and devices and state-of-the-art technology to effectively detect drugs and other prohibited substances.

He added: “As part of our continuous efforts, we provide comprehensive and intensive training programmes to enhance the proficiency of our customs inspectors. These training courses refine their scientific and practical skills, enabling them to efficiently detect drug smuggling attempts. Our inspectors combine advanced capabilities in drug detection, utilising sophisticated inspection devices at Dubai’s border crossings, along with their exceptional expertise in interpreting individuals’ body language to identify drug trafficking attempts.”

‘Cunning attempts’

Khaled Ahmed, Senior Manager of Passenger Operations Department at Terminal 1, said smugglers make “cunning attempts” to outsmart customs inspectors, employing tactics such as “body packing”, hiding illegal substances within cosmetic products, blending them with clothing items, camouflaging them amidst popular breakfast cereals, spice packets, and even concealing them within fruits.