Smugglers are going to great lengths to hide drugs in shipments, Sharjah Customs say Image Credit: Sharjah Customs

Sharjah: The Khalid Port Customs Centre of the Sharjah Ports, Customs, and Free Zones Authority (SPCFZA) today revealed that it had thwarted nine attempts to smuggle a total of 60kg of drugs and 14,378 narcotic pills during first quarter the year.

Equipped with the latest screening devices, the inspection officers identified and seized the illegal substances immediately upon their arrival. The narcotics were found concealed in various ways, including inside refrigerated containers.

The Authority praised the “proficiency and expertise” of customs officers and inspectors, attributing the successful seizures to their capabilities. SPCFZA also reaffirmed its commitment to using all resources and intensifying efforts to counter smuggling attempts, with special attention given to drug smuggling through customs ports in the emirate of Sharjah.

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Sharjah Customs said it would continue to support the national strategy aimed at protecting the security of society, ensuring public safety, and contributing positively to the national economy.

Salem Abdullah Majid Al Zomor, director of Khalid Port Customs Centre, said: “The significant attention granted by the SPCFZA to the customs sector, along with the provision of cutting-edge customs detection devices and the adoption of the latest technologies in the customs field, have been pivotal in amplifying the effectiveness of our operations.”

Non-stop training

Al Zomor added that continuous trainings proved effective in elevating the efficiency of the inspectors. “The year-round training courses have had a tremendous impact on enhancing our customs work and maintaining a high throughput of goods and passengers through the customs ports of the emirate of Sharjah, particularly the Khalid Port.”

He commended the centre’s officers and inspectors for their “high sense of security under all circumstances and at all times”, emphasising that they will persist in their role and remain ever vigilant against any smuggling attempts through the port.

The customs inspectors at Khalid Port handle an extensive variety of shipping categories. These include containers, general cargo, refrigerated food and agricultural products, live animals, dry and bulk cargo goods, vehicles, and heavy equipment. Moreover, they also facilitate sea passengers arriving or departing through the port.