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Dubai Civil Court has ordered the defendant to pay Dh15,000 compensation to the injured girl’s family. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: A Dubai-based man was ordered to pay Dh15,000 compensation after his dog attacked a girl in the neighbourhood.

According to official records, the dog attacked a nine-year-old girl in the Al Rashidiya area of Dubai, while she was playing outside her house, after the 35-year-old owner of the dog had left the cage door open. Medical report showed that the dog had bit the girl on her right arm and wrist, causing her injuries.

Court confirmed that the man’s negligence of keeping the cage door open allowed the dog to endanger public life. Records showed that the defendant’s maid had let the dog out of the cage while the main gate of the villa was open.

The girl’s mother testified that her daughter was with her brothers, outside their villa, when she was attacked by the dog. The maid came and restrained the dog after the attack and the girl was taken to hospital.

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Civil case

Dubai Court of First Instance found the man guilty of endangering the life of the girl and had initially imposed a fine of Dh5,000 on the man. Thereafter, Dubai Court of Appeal reduced the penalty to Dh2,000. Following the verdict, the victim’s family filed a civil case for a Dh100,000 compensation. Finally, Dubai Civil Court ordered the defendant to pay Dh15,000 compensation to the girl’s family.

Lawyer Mohammed Al Mansouri, who was representing the girl’s family, said the family had made the compensation claim over the damages and the medical fees incurred for the girl’s treatment as the family had to visit the clinic multiple times.