Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres. Image Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

TV show host Ellen DeGeneres has revealed how she found wife Portia de Rossi on the floor in pain before the actress had to be rushed to the hospital for surgery.

De Rossi, known for her roles in ‘Arrested Development’ and ‘Ally McBeal’, on Friday had to undergo emergency surgery for appendicitis.

Speaking on her talk show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Tuesday, the comedian recounted the scary experience that began with de Rossi wanting to go to bed early because she wasn’t feeling well.

“I’m not used to going to bed that early. We go to bed around 8:30,” DeGeneres joked.

However, the comedian later woke up to find de Rossi in pain.

“I look over and Portia is not in bed next to me,” DeGeneres said. “I get out of bed and I find Portia on the floor on all fours. And I’m like, ‘Baby are you okay?’ And she says, ‘Yeah, I’m okay.’ And I said, ‘Well you’re okay if you’re playing Twister by yourself, but you’re not okay. You’re on the floor.’”

DeGeneres then drove the actress to the ER and had to leave her there due to COVID-19 regulations.

“That’s upsetting to me. They sent me home and I’m crying,” she said.

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On a positive note, she said de Rossi was back home from the hospital and on the mend.

“I am happy to report Portia is feeling much better now. She’s home. She came home late yesterday,” she said. “Not all of her, she left her appendix at the hospital. I’m going to auction off the appendix for charity. I’m kidding, it’s gonna go on eBay.”

DeGeneres, 63, and de Rossi, 48, have been together since 2004 and wed in August 2008.

The actress’ medical emergency comes months after DeGeneres contracted COVID-19.