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Find all the back-to-school essentials and university supplies your children need, in our comprehensive guide below. Image Credit: Shutterstock

It’s that time of the year again. Back-to-school season is here!

Crisp uniforms and textbooks are probably at the top of your shopping list, but they’re likely just the start of all the things you will need to buy to ensure a seamless back-to-school transition for your children.

From new backpacks and shoes for school children, to laptops and smartphones for university students, there’s a lot to consider. And if you’re looking to make your teenager’s new room on campus as comfortable and homely as possible, you’ll need to purchase all the dorm room essentials, like induction cooktops and bed sets.

So, where do you even begin?

Save time and effort with our comprehensive back-to-school shopping guide, below. Most of the items we’ve curated are available at fantastic discounts of up to 50 per cent, thanks to Amazon’s Back to School Sale, which ends on August 31.

Find everything you need for school right here:

9 best back-to-school deals you can't miss in the UAE

We scoured through Amazon’s Back to School Sale to find the best deals for you across categories. Enjoy discounts of up to 50 per cent on a range of electronics, appliances, school stationery and supplies, and more.

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21 essential back-to-school supplies

From electronics and shoes to notebooks and art sets, our supply list covers nearly all aspects of the back-to-school experience for children returning to classes, right from kindergarten to grade 12.

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7 surprising hacks for a seamless back-to-school experience

Getting back into the school routine is likely not an easy task. Little ones could use some help with time management, while teenage students will appreciate a clutter-free space to study. We looked at trends to find helpful tools and gadgets to get your family through the transition.

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7 best organisation ideas to get children ready for school

When you’re scrambling to turn late-night movie marathons into early bedtime routines, a little organisation will go a long way in getting kids back into the rhythm for school. We highlight the best tools to make this transition a smooth one.

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8 best back-to-school tech essentials

From sturdy tablets to subject-specific stationery, like scientific calculators, our round-up of tech essentials will make sure your children have everything they need for a successful new term.

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6 best school tablets in UAE

Tablets are smaller than laptops, compact and packed with educational apps. If your child’s school requires them to carry tablets, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our list, which includes both high-end and budget-friendly devices.

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11 essentials to create a study zone at home for children and teens

Create a dedicated space at home, where your children can focus on their studies. Our ideas for a study nook include both design and digital tools that help create an optimal environment for learning.

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7 allergy-friendly snacks for your child’s lunchbox

In nut-free schools, you will have to let go of your children’s favourite snacks, if they include common allergens, like peanuts. The good news is there are plenty of allergy friendly alternatives that are both nutritious and delicious – check out our list to know more.

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9 best backpacks for school and university students

Parents, are you on the lookout for a durable school bag that’s comfortable and has multiple compartments? And if you’re a university student, you’re likely more concerned about carrying your tablet and laptop securely. We have a host of options for all kinds of backpack users.

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7 best power banks for school and university

There’s nothing worse than losing class notes because of a dead battery. We have just the solution: portable power banks that can charge devices fully more than once. Take a look at our expert-recommended list of options.

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5 best tech essentials for university students

Whether students are looking for devices where they can take notes digitally, or where they can create entire multimedia projects, we have exactly what they're looking for right here. From headphones to laptops, these technology essentials make university life a whole lot easier.

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10 best dorm essentials to make university life easier

Teens staying away from home for the first time usually want their new dorm room to have all the comforts they’re used to, in order to keep homesickness at bay, and limit stress. Our list of dorm room essentials makes sure university freshmen have everything they need for their new adventure.

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5 best Wi-Fi routers for dorm rooms

University students require stable, speedy connections for projects and coursework, and in their downtime, the occasional gaming or streaming of TV shows and movies. We share the best routers that improve range and maximise internet speed in dorm rooms.

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5 best laptops for university students

What’s the ideal laptop for college? It primarily depends on the student’s major. Architects in the making may need better graphics' cards and memory capacity, while engineering students might prefer hybrid laptops that they can take on site with them. We speak with experts and give you a range of laptops to choose from.

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5 best laptops for video and photo editing 

Experts in the audiovisual and technology fields break down what features and specifications consumers need to look for when buying a laptop that's built to handle demanding editing software.

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5 best portable induction cooktops for dorm rooms

Our list of compact hobs gives college-goers the ability to cook up quick, nourishing meals right in their dorm rooms. These induction cooktops are fast-heating, portable, safe and easy to clean.

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11 best K-beauty essentials for teens in UAE

Whether it’s stubborn blackheads, dandruff or acne-prone skin, teenagers have their share of woes when it comes to skin and hair care. Our expert says a skincare routine in their teenage years can help them address their individual concerns. We share top-rated K-beauty products, with natural, healing ingredients, like centella asiatica, rice extract and soy protein.

Here's the list of all K-beauty essentials for teens

7 best watches for university students

A stylish timepiece is the perfect gift to give to someone who’s heading off to university for the first time. We share some of the trendiest styles available right now, for both men and women.

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