Wrong overtaking
Image Credit: Twitter | @ajmanpoliceghq

Ajman: A fine of up to Dh3,000 fine, and a one-year licence suspension await those who endanger road users through wrong overtaking.

The Traffic and Patrols Department of Ajman Police General Command has launched a traffic awareness campaign on the dangers of wrong overtaking. The campaign, dubbed “No to Wrong Overtaking” aims to spread awareness among drivers about the dangers of road accidents and how to stay safe.


Sudden lane changes

Police data revealed that most road accidents had occurred due to sudden lane changes and deviations while driving and wrong overtaking. These accidents have resulted in a number of injuries, ranging from medium to severe.

Lt. Col. Saif Abdullah Al Falasi, Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department, said the enhancing traffic awareness among vehicle drivers and adhering to traffic regulations help ensure the safety of all road users.

The campaign aims to reduce traffic accidents that result in deaths and serious injuries and is in keeping with the leadership’s vision and the aim of the Ministry of Interior to make UAE roads safer for all.


Explaining the consequences of wrong overtaking, which may lead to traffic accidents that threaten the lives of drivers and road users.

The official pointed out that overtaking from the shoulder of the road is one of the most prominent wrong overtaking that may threaten the lives of the driver and others.

In addition to sudden deviation and dangerous overtaking of trucks, where the fines for these violations amount to Dh 3000 and the withdrawal of the driver’s license for a year, in addition to traffic points in some violations.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Falasi urged all motorists and road users to abide by traffic rules and regulations on internal roads as well as on highways. He highlighted the importance of adhering to the specified speed limits and paying attention while driving.

3 wrong overtaking practices that could get a driver fined:

Overtaking on the road shoulder:

Penalty: Dh1,000 fine, 6 black points

Dangerously moving onto the road:

Penalty: Dh600 fine, 6 black points

Truck drivers overtaking where overtaking is prohibited:

Penalty: Dh3,000 fine, one-year driving licence suspension