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Image Credit: Twitter | Abu Dhabi Police General Command

Abu Dhabi: Tyre bursts and car fires are common during the summer months. But these deadly mishaps can be avoided, and the risk minimised, for example by observing basic tyre safety rules.

To educate drivers and vehicle owners on the importance of following road safety and security guidelines during the summer, Abu Dhabi Police launched a campaign this year to educate the public about preventive measures and measures to spend a summer without accidents or problems.

The Abu Dhabi Police General Command launched the fourth edition of the “Summer Safe” campaign, aimed at educating the public about the necessary preventive measures and safety conditions for a hassle-free safe summer, and will continue until August 31, 2023.


The force clarified that the summer is one of the most dangerous periods of the year for drivers exposed to tyres bursts and vehicle fires. The campaign will focus on awareness of the necessary guidelines to spend the summer away from accidents and troubles.

Proactive measures

It also focuses on promoting and developing traffic culture and awareness of foreign travelers to take proactive and preventive measures in their vehicles.

It also stresses on the importance of community engagement and cooperation in promoting prevention and preventing crime, adhering to police and security tips and guidance to enhance levels of protection for their homes, property and lives.

Pool safety

The campaign offers awareness messages to parents about the need to follow children and not leave children in pools unattended or left in shopping vehicles leading to drowning accidents

Police also warned of the dangers of run-over accidents and taking preventive measures at home when taking road trips, to avoid fires and theft.

The campaign’s various means of awareness include visual, audible and read media, community councils, direct communication with the public, awareness through cinema screens and others.

Hotline and SMS

Abu Dhabi Police has appealed to the community members to cooperate with police by passing security information via telephone security service 8002626 or by sending SMS to 2828.

This would contribute to strengthening community security, providing a safe and stable environment, and preventing the risks of crimes of all kinds.

The Traffic and Patrol Directorate, Community Police Department, Criminal Evidence Department, Security Media Department, and Security Information Department have all joined the campaign.