Al Ain residents experienced heavy rain on Sunday, November 10 Image Credit: Instagram/ @officialuaeweather

Dubai: There’s good news for UAE residents as parts of the country had rainfall today and weather experts say we are finally entering the end of summer.

It’s currently raining in some parts of the country like internal areas in Dubai and parts of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

According to the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), today’s skies will be looking partly cloudy with rain continuing in some parts till late evening.

The areas hit by rain and increased cloud formation will also have a slight decrease in temperature.

The representative also said that cloud seeding was used to enhance rainfall over the country.

A representative from the NCM added that this weather pattern is usually observed during the end of August and beginning of September as summer is about to end.

The temperatures will also gradually decrease as it is the end of the season.

Rain and cloud formation are generally observed over eastern regions of the country during this time of the year, the NCM representative said, but due to instability in the weather, western areas have been affected.

For the rest of the day, winds are expected to repeatedly blow, at a speed of 22 – 35 km/h, reaching up to 55 km/h at times.

The conditions at the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea are expected to be relatively calm.

Similar conditions are expected to continue over the weekend and the coming week.