Spectacular fireworks light up Abu Dhabi skyline celebrating UAE’s 51st National Day
KHDA announces school holidays for the 52nd UAE Union Day. Photo of fireworks during last year's National Day for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Twitter@admediaoffice

Dubai: Students in Dubai will get a three-day weekend to celebrate the 52nd UAE Union Day, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has announced.

According to KHDA, Monday, December 4, will be a holiday and Friday, December 1, will be a distance learning day for students in Dubai.

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This will be applicable to students in private nurseries, schools and universities in Dubai.

KHDA announced this in a fun post on X. “To Jad in Grade 10 who messaged to ask us to “please cancel my maths test next Monday please I’ll do anything just cancel it” — the answer is yes, of course! Distance learning on Friday Dec 1 & day off on Monday Dec 4 for private nurseries, schools & universities in Dubai,” it said.