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Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Justice, which had earlier launched an online Power of Attorney Issuance service on its website, now provides eight types of power of attorney.

These include including lawyer representation and digital powers of attorney in various domains such as legal cases, real estate, rental disputes, licensing, vehicles, stocks, and company management.

The move also supports the UAE government’s paperless strategy and saves time and resources, as well as ensuring swift e-services for the community.

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Quick and secure

Using the system, customers can generate digital ratified power of attorney documents in less than 10 minutes at home, doing away with the need to visit a notary public office. They can safely store the documents using a blockchain system and a digital wallet and share them with third parties and authorities securely.

Available in Arabic and English, the platform utilises tech solutions that ensure data integrity and prevent fraud and alterations. It also enables notaries public and customers to view and follow up on applications and monitor performance levels, providing a streamlined platform for completing transactions.