Shoulder Abu Dhabi Police
Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police/Instagram

Abu Dhabi Police warned drivers against overtaking from the road shoulder, emphasising that such actions are considered traffic violations. Offenders are liable to face a fine of Dh 1,000 under the Federal Traffic Law.

In a coordinated effort with the Monitoring and Control Center, a video illustrating the dangers and repercussions of hard shoulder overtaking was broadcasted as part of the "You Comment" initiative.

Offenders are liable to pay fines of Dh1,000 under the Federal Traffic Law.

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The Directorate of Traffic and Patrols has stressed the necessity of proper overtaking procedures. They reminded motorists that the road shoulder is specifically reserved for emergencies and emergency vehicles. Swift access to accident scenes can be crucial in rescuing and saving the lives of victims.

In line with this, drivers were also advised to maintain safe distances between vehicles to prevent sudden stops, particularly in areas of dense traffic.

Article No. "42" of the Federal Traffic Law clearly outlines the penalties for this offense. Besides the Dh 1,000 fine, violators will also receive 6 traffic points